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Self Pleasuring as Stress Management Feeling Relaxed by Feeling Oneself

Self-pleasuring is part of every man's pleasure wheelhouse, but it can be useful for more than simply entertaining oneself. Some men can use self-pleasuring to decrease their stress levels.

The enjoyment associated with self-pleasuring is sufficient justification for engaging in the activity, but the truth is there are other benefits to self-fondling. As many men know, studies have shown that self-stimulation can help maintain male organ health, while at the same time boosting the immune system. Self-pleasuring can also be a mood enhancer, something many men need. In addition, solo play can be a great way to handle stress and in this world of increasing tension, that's especially valuable.

How it works

It's obvious that self-gratification is a lot of fun, but how does it help decrease stress? Essentially, sensual activity of any kind has the potential to de-stress a person due to the processes involved. When a man is self-fondling, the release causes the blood pressure to lower, which corresponds to a reduction in stress. But beyond that, the activity also results in the release of serotonin and dopamine, two substances that play a key role in stress reduction.

There is some debate as to whether non-seed-releasing self-stimulating produces a desired stress reduction. While some scientists believe that the physical act can lower stress to some degree, even in the absence of seed release, most agree that it is the culmination of the activity through release that brings about the most effective form of relaxation.

Fondling for stress management

Men who experience high levels of stress may want to try to use solo play as one method of stress management.

For example, a guy toiling on an important project for work may find that his stress levels have risen dramatically. This is especially true if there are confounding factors, such as feeling that he doesn't have the skills and/or information to complete the project properly, feeling tired before he even starts the project, or feeling that outside worries and anxieties are preventing him from concentrating on the project at hand.

Rather than becoming frustrated or pounding his fist against the wall, he may benefit from slipping off to the men's room and bringing himself to release. This may be especially helpful if he is experiencing a "block" of some kind, as the sensual release often is accompanied by a period of time when a man's mind more freely associates or accesses new thoughts or ideas.


Here are a few tips that can make self-pleasuring more likely to be a helpful tool for handling excess stress.

Gauge the guilt. Despite the fact that essentially all men self-gratify to one degree or another, many people still feel extremely guilty about doing it. After such men self-pleasure, they may have a momentary feeling of relief, but it is quickly overcome by self-loathing for giving in to the desire to fondle. If a man falls into this camp, self-stimulating will not likely be an effective way of relieving stress.

Accept the time. Ideally, a man should allow himself as much time to self-gratify as necessary. Self-gratifying while constantly watching the clock adds pressure into the equation. A man will do better if he accepts that his self-stimulation may slow him down a bit and that the extra time is worth it.

Give in. If a man is self-gratifying someplace where he is truly alone, he should "give in" to the experience. Most men find that self-pleasuring releases mores stress if they feel free to moan, writhe or touch themselves all over.

Self-pleasuring, whether as a means of stress management or for sheer pleasure, will be more enjoyable if the equipment is in top shape. Regular use of a superior male organ health crme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) helps achieve this aim. Choose a crme with acetyl L-carnitine, an amino acid celebrated for its protection against peripheral nerve damage and the male organ de-sensitization that accompanies that damage. The crme must also contain L-arginine, another amino acid, which helps to ensure that manhood blood vessels are open and receptive to increased blood flow. A healthy member is one less thing for a man to stress about.

Semen Leakage Remedies, Treatment For Leakage Of Seminal Fluid

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Semen leakage causes regular loss of semen, body produces more semen to maintain its level, over a period of time this extra work can strain reproductive organs and system and make it exhausted and sluggish. This condition causes impotency, low libido, poor semen quality, general weakness and wipes off energy and stamina in the body. Such males cannot perform lovemaking as they either fail to gain proper arousal and erection or they are unable to hold their ejaculation and discharge much earlier than expected. Herbs can not only work as semen leakage remedies but also treat side effects of the problem and improve virility, vitality and vigor.

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